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Brown to Blonde... Yes You Can

If you have dark hair, chances are you've thought about crossing over to the light side. With shades like ash, honey, ice or platinum the possibilities are endless when it comes to blonde hair.

People's biggest concerns about making such a drastic change to their hair are normally;

"how long will it take"
"will it damage my hair"
"is the upkeep going to be too hard?"

Going from a dark hair colour to blonde is certainly a process but with a skilled hairdresser you can absolutely make that change with confidence.

The Process

To go from brown to blonde the hair will need to be pre-lightened. It will likely take a few sessions at the salon to achieve your perfect blonde but doing it over a few session will ensure that you maintain your hair's natural integrity and that you don't end up with the dreaded orange! A toner will be applied to your hair and an at home purple shampoo should be used between visits to keep your new colour clean and fresh.


If the upkeep of your new blonde locks are of concern to you, chat to your stylist about creating a lived in look that will allow you more time between salon visits and avoid chunky dark regrowth. A root stretch is a popular choice with my client's.

If you're thinking about taking the plunge and going from brown to blonde, please reach out to Duchess and Co to discuss your options.


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